DC Breaker 15A:  3 Pack L-CCB-B300 Constant Current Boost Driver, 300mA Sylvania 9W 3000K 4" recessed can
Samlex DC Charger 12V 15A Sylvania 12W 3500K 6" recessed can gimbled Occupancy Switch - In Ceiling
L-WP1 SwitchPuck zone controller 7W 3.5" (90mm) Wet Rated IP65 Downlight Flood 100A Battery Fuse
L-CCB-A150 Constant Current Boost Driver, 150mA Sylvania 12W 3000K 6" recessed can L-GW232 RS232 to RS485 Basic Gateway
48VDC to 24VDC 20A regulator 18Ah 12V AGM Battery Samlex DC Charger 12V 30A