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    Enclosure Wiring Harness for 1-4 PDM & AC/DC Supply

    The wiring harness provides DC power to the PDMs in the enclosure.

    Connects these devices:
    1600/1000W Power Supply
    1-4PDM (3 first, 1 second)
    1AC Outlet to Power Supply
    Partially Assembled Kit Includes:
    4PDM Fuses with Negative PassThru
    8#12 AWG wires from Fuses to PDM
    4#10 AWG wires from PS to Fuses
    1Accessory Fuse w/Negative PassThru
    25 position power bus bars
    4PDM wire end insulators
    16.5cm DIN
    1AC Ground Lug w/self tap screw
    1NEMA 5-15 Right Angle AC

    3#10 BLK29cmStrip-10mm, Ring#8-3MPS- / Fuse-PassThru
    4#10 BLK28cmStrip-10mm, Ring#8-3MPS- / Fuse-PassThru
    5#10 RED22cmStrip-10mm, Ring#8-3MPS+ / Fuse+
    6#10 RED25cmStrip-10mm, Ring#8-3MPS+ / Fuse+
    20#12 BLK85cmStrip-10mm, Strip-6mmFuse-PassThru / PDM-
    21#12 RED88cmStrip-10mm, Strip-6mmFuse+ / PDM+
    22#12 BLK116cmStrip-10mm, Strip-6mmFuse-PassThru / PDM-
    23#12 RED120cmStrip-10mm, Strip-6mmFuse+ / PDM+
    24#12 BLK149cmStrip-10mm, Strip-6mmFuse-PassThru / PDM-
    25#12 RED152cmStrip-10mm, Strip-6mmFuse+ / PDM+
    26#12 BLK376cmStrip-10mm, Strip-6mmFuse-PassThru / PDM-
    27#12 RED350cmStrip-10mm, Strip-6mmFuse+ / PDM+
    G#18 GRN57cmRing#12-3M, Strip-8mmPS Ground / Enclosure
    53214325UT-4-L-HESI-5X202 Layer Fuse and PassThru
    23030349FBS-5-6Bridge 5pos 6.3mm Red
    2800886E/NS 35 NLocking End Cap
    1DIN Rail, 35mm x 6.5cm

    Product Specification Sheet (.pdf)

    #01003 L2-ENC-WH-A Fuse Block Wiring (how it works inside) (video)
    #01004 L2-ENC-WH-A Power Input (video)

    #01005 Connecting AC/DC power supply wires (video)

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