L2-CH16 (Box of 4)

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    Zone controller module, 16 PDM Channels, dimming, communicating

    The L2-CH16 controls up to 16 zone channels of lighting from one device.  The zones are controlled via PDMbus protocol commands including scenes or zone level commands.  Each channel can command up to 64 drivers with a total limit of 128 drivers across 8 L2-DMs.  With an L2-CH16 attached to each L2-PDM, an enclosure can have up to 128 independently controlled zones via the PDMbus.  This module fits into the top channel expansion connector and communication bus connector of the L2-PDM.  It requires accessory power from an L2-APR.  Channels 1-8 must be controlled by the L2-CH16.  DIP selector switches allow channels 9-16 to be controlled either by the L2-CH16 (enable position) or by an L2-DM, L2-SW, or L2-ONF16.  16 indicators LEDs show the commanded status of each channel including the dimmed level by intensity.  They are also used to indicate selected modes and configuration information. Two control buttons and status LED create a simple user interface to allow manual control of any of the channels for commissioning and configuration of the module.  The L2-CH16 appears like 16 L2-DM with a subset of configuration settings.

    Power consumed0.3 W (Requires L2-APR on the same L2-PDM)
    Top connectorMale 34 and 10 pins (Channel and PDMbus)
    Bottom connectorFemale 34 and 10 pins (Channel and PDMbus)
    Channel Outputs1-8 always controlled
    9-17 optional via DIP selectors
    Channel slewStaggered channel timing
    Control channel signal type0-5VDC, PWM Broadcast
    Maximum drivers controlled128
    Communication speed38,400 bps
    Control protocolPublished dimming module protocol
    Dimensions4.3 x 1.48 x 1.2in (110 x 36 x 30mm)
    Operating temperature+32°F to +122°F (0°C to +50°C)
    Operating humidity5% to 95% Non-condensing
    RatingDry Rated
    Safety certificationsFCC, CE
    Duration5 Years

    L2-CH16 SET button and indicator LED operation:

    The green LED indicator on the lower-right, front face of the L2-CH16 indicates one of 11 Mode states (0..10) by flashing the Mode number, then a small pause, then repeating the cycle.  Wait for the pause and count the number of flashes to obtain the mode.

    Press the SET button on the face of the L2-DM to increment the Mode and cycle from 0 (solid LED indicator) to 10 flashes (Mode 10). Pressing the SET button when you see 10 flashes will return to Mode 0 (LED on solid).  






    Channels are controlled by the protocol commands like scenes or value change commands.



    Toggle zone channel 1-16 ON or OFF using the Select button.  All channel indicator LEDs are on low intensity except the selected channel which will be on High or Off.

    Manually set and view the ID number:

    Typically the ID #s will be assigned by the L2-EGW Gateway.  To manually assign an ID # of an L2-CH16, Hold the SET button for 3 seconds and release.  Then tap the SET button the number of times of the ID. The green LED will flash each time you press the SET button.  Wait 5 seconds without pressing the button and the LED will remain solid for 2 seconds indicating the ID has been stored. To check the ID, hold the SET button for 3 seconds, release, and count the LED flashes.

    Tool-free commissioning using Configuration Macros:

    In addition to selecting the 17 Modes of operation, the SET button can be used to run configuration macros that store advanced settings like Scenes.

    To Reset or Store values in the L2-CH16 memory, count the LED indicator flashes and set the current Mode to one of the modes in the table below, then hold the SET button for 6 seconds or until you see fast flashes for 3 seconds. This will run the Configuration Macro as follows:

    SET button RESET/STORE functions (HOLD 7 seconds to perform configuration macros)





    “Factory Default”

    Resets min/max to 30/220/ch.  Mode is set to 0. Reset ID to 0. Erase scenes.


    “SV Bulbs”

    Resets min/max to 25/220/ch.  Mode is set to 0.


    “SV Strips”

    Resets min/max to 1/255/ch.  Mode is set to 0.



    Add Scene 1 at the current levels. Add Scene 2 at 255”ON” level. Add Scene 3 at 0”Off” level. Mode is set to 0.

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