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LumenCache LibRE



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PDM Accessory Power Regulator, 24-48Vin, 12Vout, 6W or 12W

Motion sensors and other smart devices require a small amount of power for their microcontrollers, backlights, wireless radios, and sensors. This standby power is supplied to all the Power Distribution Module sockets by the L2-APR Accessory Power Regulator. Now each device does not need to adapt the relatively high voltage PDM power source to the tiny voltages the sensitive microcontrollers natively require. If no drivers require standby power, you can omit the L2-APR or only insert one when you add a device that requires it. The L2-APR regulates and filters standby power and provides secondary isolation from dangerous AC mains power and power surges. Electronic circuits within zone control modules, some drivers, L2-CH16, and L2-ONF16 use the 12V power for their microcontrollers and also send 12V to their associated RJ45 Port connected devices. A motion sensor or electronic touchpad switch receive power through their L2-DM module from the L2-APR. The APR has a connector to power and communicate with the L2-ENCFAN2 enclosure fan control module. Each L2-APR-6W can deliver enough power for up to 16 L2-DM plugged into a PDM. Use the 12W L2-APR-12W when an L2-EGW Ethernet Gateway is attached to the PDM, or if a large number of field sensors or smart keypads are attached to the Ports requiring more than 6W total power. The L2-APR does not power modules plugged into adjacent PDMs but it does power the top communication bus port allowing L2-CH16, L2-ONF16, and L2-EGW to be powered simply by plugging them into position.



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