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LumenCache LibRE



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Constant Current Driver, Dimmable, 50W, Output: 600, 800, 1000mA, 48-60Vdc

The L2-CCU100 driver converts main PDM power into constant current regulated power. It plugs into a Power Distribution Module (PDM) Socket and sends power to one or more LEDs attached to the associated RJ45 Port. This is used for LED fixtures requiring constant current where a driver or regulator is not inside the bulb. This module does not require an L2-APR. Its output level is controlled by a Channel Zone Controller like an L2-DM, L2-SW, or L2-CH16. The L2-CCU100 driver automatically adjusts its power output to maintain accurate current regardless of the length of Cat5/6 attached. Small LED lights can be connected in Series. LEDs in series must have an identical Current requirement of each other and the L2-CCU100
current selector switch must be set to match the LED current requirement of the attached fixture(s). This driver is 95% efficient. It requires the PDM supply voltage to be at least 8V higher than the attached LED array maximum voltage to ensure long life and consistent fixture intensity. Select 600mA, 800mA, and 1000mA current settings.
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