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LumenCache LibRE



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Ethernet Gateway, Wired and WiFi

What would a smart infrastructure be without an internet connected gateway. The L2-EGW Ethernet Gateway allows wired and wireless connection, control, and monitoring of up to 240 LumenCache modules. Add monitoring and control of every PDMbus device in one step by connecting the L2-EGW Ethernet Gateway. Automatically finds and identifies communicating devices creating an instant control interface via Smartphone and Tablets. Connect using wires or wireless to your local network router via wired Ethernet or Wifi wireless connection. Magnetically attaches to the top of the enclosure and connects to the communications expansion bus connector on the topmost PDM in the enclosure. The L2-EGW1 is powered by the L2-APR-12W through the comm bus cable (use only 12W APR when a gateway is attached). An expansion port allows connection of third-party control systems in addition to the LumenCache control APPs. The L2-EGW1 creates a WiFi hotspot for installations that do not have WiFi networks installed yet. The browser-based management console simplifies advanced installer settings. A connection to the internet is not required for operation. Connecting the EGW to the internet allows secure remote monitoring and control of your home or office in addition to managing accounts and device groups.

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