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LumenCache LibRE



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Wall Enclosure, 28", Recessed/Surface back box

The wall enclosure is installed pre-construction between studs or on a wall surface. It provides protection of the wires and modules as well as easy access for servicing. The enclosure back box, door, and fan kits are provided separately to match the installation phase of typical construction. Install the L2-ENC28 during pre-wire phase and protect the wires inside from dust and paint with the included dust cover. Metal knockouts on the sides, and top/bottom left side provide sufficient access for clean and trouble-free installation in both wood, metal, and concrete construction. AC or DC power can enter the enclosure at the bottom/top right side in addition to a square knockout for a standard junction box. The L2-ENC28 allows many configurations of components including: Power Distribution Modules (PDMs), Battery Shelves, AC/DC and DC/DC Power Supplies, and DIN rail mounted accessories. See L2-ENC-DOOR for door and fan information. Do not install the enclosure in confined spaces without adequate ventilation to dissipate the maximum heat produced in the enclosures. The L2-ENC is wider than a standard 16”-on-center wall stud spacing. See riser drawing for recommended stud spacing and wall placement.
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