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LumenCache LibRE



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Power Distribution Module, 16 ports, 24-48Vin

This passive backplane module is mounted inside an L2-ENC wall enclosure and accepts up to 16 socket modules in its 16 Sockets(A). 24-48V input power(B) and a communication bus(C) is connected to each Socket to power and control each inserted module. The Sockets are each connected to an adjoining RJ45 Port(D) where the converted input power is merged with the communication data and accessory 12V power from an L2-APR inserted in the middle of the PDM. All three signal paths (Power, 12V accessory power, and Data) are sent over Cat5/6 wires from the RJ45 Port to the end devices located around the building. 16 Zone Control Channels(E) create a matrix, allowing any Socket to write or read a control signal. Channels are used to group lights into zones. The communication bus can extend zones to other panels around a building, and the L2-EGW Ethernet Gateway provides virtually unlimited system size. Up to 8 PDMs can share channels, or they can be separated, creating up to a 128x128 matrix in a single enclosure.


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