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LumenCache LibRE



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Basic switch module, no dim, no communication

Sometimes all you need is a light switch. The L2-SW module controls a Zone of lights by reading input signals from attached switches connected to the PDM Port, and creates a Channel signal on the PDM. Up to 128 driver modules can listen to the Channel creating a group, or Zone, of lights. The L2-SW can be “stacked” underneath any driver so both switch inputs and lights can be attached to the same PDM Port. Perfect for closets and single-fixture rooms that require only one PDM port. Only one L2-SW is allowed per Channel to create the PWM Channel signal. The L2-SW also sends 12VDC Accessory Power from the Accessory Power Regulator (L2-APR) to the RJ45 Port through a protection fuse. An L2-APR is required to power the microcontroller in the L2-SW. Up to 16 L2-SW are powered by the L2-APR in the middle of the PDM. The L2-SW is a low cost switch solution and does not communicate over the PDM comm bus. Use an L2-DM if remote control or keypad input is desired. Because the L2-SW uses the same LumenCache wall switches as the L2-DM, upgrading to the controlled L2-DM takes just seconds. The L2-SW includes 6 Modes of operation to support all kinds of basic switch and button inputs. It can read on/off, momentary, top/bottom switches, and occupancy sensing. The occupancy sensor enabled modes have setup macros allowing dimmed automatic restore based on occupancy detection, and can be overridden to full On by pressing a wall switch button.
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