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LumenCache LibRE



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Regulated 24V 5ch SIB for RGB or RGBWW Strip Lights

Use with L2-DMV or g2-FCV at the PDM to provide up to 40W (with 48V PDM supply) of regulated 24V for flicker-free strip lights.  Common Cathode LED+ with R- G- B- Warm- Cool- outputs up to 40W total.  Current measurements per array can report strip conditions over time if the function card at the PDM includes those features.  For large commercial projects, a spread-spectrum slew feature reduces large in-rush currents to protect power supplies. As a high-speed solid-state switch, it follows the serial commands to PWM dim the attached strip or bulb, allowing fine control over the dimming smoothly down to 1%. Check the bulb specifications for dimming capability. LED strip lights can have uneven intensity end-to-end or have shimmer or flicker due to wire voltage drop or battery charging voltage changes. LumenCache LED strips have regulators that maintain perfect consistency across the length of the strip and will not shimmer when the PDM is powered by a battery and charger. ideal for powering strips sensitive to voltage fluctuation.
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